“The Great White City” written & directed by me, Natalee Arteaga, is a 15-minute short film of a waning day-in-the-life of real life serial murderer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes running his businesses from his office during the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Good-faith attempts at controlling his condemned urges fail as the day proves too busy interacting with too many people, an introvert breaking down needing a solitary recharge.

Act III begins with him murdering his stenographer at the end of the day after she pushes the other clerk girls off for alone-time with the Dr. His defenses had simply worn down.

This film asks you to redefine “human achievement” in new terms post screening. This film is a glossy indulgence in the hilt of 1890’s finery and richness while revealing with shocking strength the truth of the dark corridors of the human soul and the epic struggle to keep it.

View Pitch Deck Below: