Psychic Tarot Readings

I’m an accurate psychic. I receive visions, sensations, music, voices, feelings, thoughts, and other energies from the focus of my psychic attention. Tarot is a natural facilitator and/or conduit for my psychic channeling, just like how other psychics may use crystal balls or automatic writing. I kept my ability a life-long secret until I began publishing tarot videos on my old YouTube account a few months ago. I’m extremely happy that I did because now I’m basically a full-time psychic spy helping people navigate their lives by tuning into what’s unseen and reporting back so they have all the information to make their own free will decisions regarding their situations.

Private Tarot Readings

After booking your reading, please email with: 



Free Tarot Readings

Here you can view, download, and/or print the Arteagan Calendar Menu to keep track of when I post free psychic tarot readings on my YouTube channel WatchNatalee. Some of the free psychic tarot readings on YouTube will continue on in extended readings which you can find by title and purchase in our online shop.

I change the calendar every month and am now using the back as a noticeboard of news for anyone interested in Nataleenian/The Arteagan updates.

  1. Weeklies are by sign so watch all three readings for your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon. The YouTube freebies include psychic tuning, the pre-shuffle spread, and are approximately 10 minutes long. The Extended Readings for each sign are an additional 20 minutes for $5.99.  
  2. Cap Corner is for Capricorn Ascendants, Suns, and Moons, Prominent Saturn placements and/or aspects, and 10th House Stellium charts. The YouTube freebies are approximately 30 minutes long. The Extended Reading is an additional 30 minutes for $9.99.
  3. Dailies and Weekend Readings are for all signs and are anywhere from 30 minutes to over 60 minutes long. They are the full complete readings and are always free πŸ™‚ 


~ Please read the descriptions of the private tarot readings fully before booking.

~ I’m replacing 12-Sign Bi-Weeklies with 12-Sign Weeklies beginning December 2019! They’re back! πŸ˜€

Booked Tarot Readings

What happens after your reading is booked? Lots! πŸ™‚

If you have booked a private psychic tarot reading with me you will find your reservation saved here below. This is to give you an idea of where you are in line and the best I can give to you regarding when to expect your reading.

Please remember that divine timing is at work when I receive a massive influx of 24-hour rushes, technical issues with filming equipment, landscaping, obnoxious construction nearby, internet connectivity issues, and anything and everything else outside of my control that will delay your reading further. I ask you to please trust the Universe and more importantly to trust in me, your psychic spy, your psychic strategist, that I will honor our agreement and complete your reading in the order that it was received.

I created this waitlist because I did not want to raise prices thereby separating “my people” by financial tiers, I chose instead to separate you all by who trusts me enough to wait and allow those who distrust me to naturally exit the connection organically.

If you’re on this list and are feeling antsy, you have these options:

  1. Keep our connection strong while you wait by sending me an occasional email or an update on your situation or questions.
  2. Purchase a 24-hour rush to move you to the front of the line.
  3. Surrender your reservation for a full, complete, immediate refund so that it shortens the line and others can get their readings sooner.

While I have hundreds of people inboxing me, please feel free to send me a message with your thoughts, feelings, concerns, or questions:

Thank you for your trust dearie!

December (Fully Booked) Waitlist

  1. B******* V*****a S*****n Please email your infos
  2. T**** J*****n
  3. T**** M****r
  4. C***** G****a
  5. W*** S***h
  6. S****** J***s
  7. F**** W******s
  8. S**** B***s
  9. E** A*****o
  10. S****** J***s
  11. T****** L*u
  12. N****** G**l
  13. A**** F*****n
  14. K******* M***e J*o
  15. J****** F******n
  16. D**** G*z
  17. I****** P*****a
  18. N**** M*****n
  19. M******* H*****g
  20. T**** R****g
  21. T*** C*******r
  22. N****** L**a
  23. D***** O**n
  24. A***** B*****d
  25. C****** M******z
  26. K**** F*******h
  27. C******y C****r
  28. M*****l M*K****y
  29. R****** L****g
  30. J****n R*****l
  31. S***y N****n
  32. T** W*** A**** M*
  33. S****e H**l
  34. R**e B****r
  35. D******e R****h
  36. M****e M*F******e
  37. P** M***t
  38. T******a B****y
  39. N**** V*****s
  40. J****** F******n
  41. V*****e M*C**y
  42. S***y K****s
  43. R****h K******t
  44. S***h F***t
  45. V****** C**k
  46. M***** W********a
  47. N***** N*****s
  48. N***** A***i
  49. A********* R***i
  50. M*** H**l
  51. L**** C**w
  52. D***** S*****r
  53. L***** P**e
  54. L**** V***d
  55. P**** P****n
  56. V******* E**t

January (Open Booking) Waitlist

  1. K** H