Spring 2019 I began recruiting individuals who also believed in using Love, Truth, and Integrity to Save the World. I uploaded tarot videos to YouTube and aligned with other spiritually evolved souls who are brave and who believe.

A year later the club, channel, and website have all grown exponentially to include incredible people with incredible abilities comprising The Arteagan, a decentralized network of individualists all over the planet who are Saving the World.

Arteagan in Training Spring 2020 Cycle is a free 6-week training course for those who want to commit to Saving the World and joining the virtual decentralized community (which for the first year at least will only be communicating with me, The First Arteagan).

Upon acceptance to the AIT program and graduation to First Year Arteagan you will learn valuable tools as well as be granted FREE access to all the psychic workshops, tarot and astrology classes, psychic mentoring, free oracle deck of my own psychic channelings over the past year, and lots of other support for your work important work online.

While those who are total beginners looking to begin their spiritual journey are welcome and encouraged to apply, priority will be given to those psychics, astrologers, and tarot readers with an established platform/website/social media who are already working to raise the vibration of the planet sharing their gifts, channeled messages, and positivity online. The class will be kept small due to my own personal time restrictions grading homework 😂 .

Eligibility Requirement: Must be psychic, a tarot reader, or astrologer seeking to expand your abilities for the purpose of sharing online.

Entrance Exam: Must video-record a 10-minute personal reading for The First Arteagan, Natalee, for consideration of acceptance to the program. Please send me your video via WeTransfer to: TheFirstArteagan@gmail.com along with any additional messages or notes after filling out the form below. Astrologers send me your birth time, location, and date and I’ll send you mine for your video 😀

Please use your tools and rituals such as tarot/crystal ball/coffee pouring/runes/etc. for the reading and please use definitive unambiguous language.

Accuracy, Willingness to Learn, and Commitment = Acceptance to this program.