Booked Tarot Readings

What happens after your reading is booked? Lots! 🙂

If you have booked a private psychic tarot reading with me you will find your reservation saved here below. This is to give you an idea of where you are in line and the best I can give to you regarding when to expect your reading.

Fridays are the days I have slotted for personal readings and you’ll find your assigned reading day below. You’ll also see a spot each Friday for “Raffle Winner”, so everyone who shouldn’t expect their reading that day will be pleasantly surprised when they do. This also frees up another “raffle” spot when that winner leaves their original reading day. So that day will now have two raffle winners. So on and so on 🙂

I created this list because I did not want to raise prices thereby separating “my people” by financial tiers. I also want to convey the value of my private readings and psychic ability in a way other than raising prices so that anyone looking for help and answers who values my skill can still have access to me.

If you’re on this list and are feeling antsy, you have these options:

  1. Keep our connections strong watching the free dailies and weekly readings on the WatchNatalee channel.
  2. Keep our connection strong while you wait by sending me an occasional email or an update on your situation or questions.
  3. Purchase a 24-hour rush to move you to the front of the line.

While I have hundreds of people inboxing me, please feel free to send me a message with your thoughts, feelings, concerns, or questions:

Thank you for your trust dearie!


Friday, May 1st
M**** E*****a – Please email birth information, questions, and context
L**** C****l

Friday, May 8th
B****** J******s
G******* V******n
J**** L*e
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, May 15th
T****** L***u
A**** T*******s
M**** B******r
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, May 22nd
S**** A**i
S******* C****i
T***** H*****n
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, May 29th
H**** W******d
I********* H***** S******s
L*** S***h
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, June 5th
S****** J***s
S***** T******n
V***** O*t
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, June 12th
S**** G******s
P*** S
R***** C****r
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, June 19th
J***** O*******h
V****** F****n
M**** D*v
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, June 26th
J V** A**
A** H*****r
P****** J***** L*****d
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, July 3rd
A***** H**t
R****** L****g
R***** V*****z for W** M******s
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, July 10th
S******** H*******l
A******** A******o
S**** S***t
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, July 17th
G***** R******n
S*** A******n
I***** P*****a
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, July 24th
S** E*****r
M*** O’****n
R**** T*****e
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, July 31st
C******** C***o
N***** C****n
M**** H***r
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, August 7th
M**** H**m
A******** P***z
A***** H******e
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, August 14th
H****** D***n
D**** L***
M***** S******
*Raffle Winner*

Friday, August 21st
M****** S****y
*Raffle Winner*

*If you do not see your name on the list please check again on Friday, when this list is updated. Thank you!*