Congratulations on your booked reading with me!

I’m so excited we’re connecting! 😍

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and send me your birth information (date/time/location) along with anyone else you’re asking about as well as a simple context of the situation accompanying your questions. Feel free to use this form to update me as we get closer to your reading!

For your reading, please email me a forward facing photograph of yourself as well as anyone else you’re asking about– No hats or sunglasses! 😉

Summarily, I need the following for your reading:
  • Your birth information
  • Your photograph
  • Your others’ birth information
  • Your others’ photograph

The Current Queue Is As *Follows:

*You may bump yourself to the front of the line by adding a RUSH to your order. You will receive your reading within 24 hours. When a rush comes in I stop everything I’m doing to complete your reading, so they are great for emergencies or for the very impatient lol.

This list is updated every week so check back to see your name here and if you need ANYTHING or have ANY questions, please feel invited to email me:

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Sunday May 31st – Saturday June 6th:
T***** H*****n – Waiting for Infos, Questions, & Photos
L*** S***h
S****** J***s
S***** T******n
V***** O*t
S**** G******s
J***** O*******h
V****** F****n

Sunday June 7th – Saturday June 13th:
M**** D*v
J V** A**
P****** J***** L*****d
A***** H**t
R****** L****g
A******** A******o
G***** R******n
S*** A******n

Sunday June 14th – Saturday June 20th:
I***** P*****a
S** E*****r
M*** O’****n
R**** T*****e
C******** C***o
N***** C****n
M**** H***r
M**** H**m

Sunday June 21st – Saturday June 27th:
A******** P***z
A***** H******e
H****** D***n
A* R***i
D**** L**g
M***** S*****a
M****** S****y
S***** W****l

Sunday June 28th – Saturday July 4th:
W**** J*****o
P*** H**********r
A***** M**k
M**** E**d
A**** S****n
D******** D’****o
T*** O’*****
K******* H******k

Sunday July 5th – Saturday July 11th:
D***** D* L* C**z
L****** A*****a
P**** H*****s
J****** R**z
C****** B*****y
D****** S*****y
F**** V****a
L****** K****e

Sunday July 12th – Saturday July 18th:
I***** P*****a
T***** H*****n
J***** R****s
B*** J******s
T***** P*****h