I finished my very best monthlies EVER and they were all up on patreon sundown June 1st! I put Gemini’s up on YouTube for a Gemmi birthday treat, too. I stayed up for two days straight with one 30 minute nap and one 2 hour nap to get it done, LOL. You guys know I do everything myself, the research, writing, hair, makeup, wardrobe, camera setup, lighting, recording, editing, processing, uploading, etcetera. I do that normally for the two videos I get out each week on top of managing the other socials TikTok and Instagram– teaching classes and fulfilling personal readings and patron reads like transit trackers and destiny reads. I did fit in my first 1:1 zoom session with one of my High Priestesses, which was so friggin cool! I love training up my baby psychics it’s extremely gratifying 💕 What else, oh! I share about Saturn stationing retrograde, I made MERCH FOR FREE FOR MY PATRONS! (I pay for it on my side, and you get merchandise sent to you automatically every three consecutive months you’re on!), taught how to test a new magickal wand (I’m doing wands for this months Practical Magic Psychic Assists class!) and a cute clip of a young Jack Nicholson saying he thinks psychic power is beautiful 😂 (it’s from a movie, which one?! Guess!). Now I’m just about back on track got some weeklies out and feeling great, yay!

Welcome back to “A Psychic Life”! My #vlog of daily instagram stories where I share how to apply all my psychic, tarot, astrology knowledge, and energy work through living example in my spiritual lifestyle. You get to see how I personally balance spirituality and practicality as a full-time professional psychic as well as learn along the way through my guidance. To get updates and learn in real-time, follow me on instagram: WatchNatalee!

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