“Trinity” means a state of being three, such as in the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; A group of three people or things. In this Astrology 101 lesson, I will teach you about your own personal trinity that make up the true core of who you are and how to blend the interpretations to better understand how your own energies operate as well as to better understand those whom populate your life. Your personal trinity is comprised of your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant/Rising Sign. Together, we’ll explore:

  • Modes and Elements
  • Polarities
  • Overview of all 12 Ascendants
  • Overview of all 12 Sun Signs
  • Overview of all 12 Moon Signs
  • How to blend your personal trinity interpretation
  • Understanding how your energies operate and function
  • How to regulate and support your daily energy

Have your birth chart handy!

You’ll receive your lesson immediately upon purchase, enjoy!

This class is/was live-streamed Thursday June 17th 2021 at 12pm PST. If you purchase before this time you can join us in the live-stream.  To be included in the next one sign up for the patreon Emperors & Empresses tier here: https://www.patreon.com/thearteagan

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