One ticket per one person to an upcoming Tarot Talk With WatchNatalee live tarot lesson.

Tarot Talk With WatchNatalee is a series of tarot lessons done live via videoconference to include teacher and a small group of students. Pre-test your camera, mic, and tech because you’ll be logged on and asking questions in real time. Have your tarot cards at the ready and any pre-written questions along with your pen and paper.

You will receive a ticket for admission via email, so check all your folders and click the link to download, fill out, and return. Be sure to include any personal requests for tarot topics in the body of your return email!

The next lesson is April 23rd and will be divided into two lesson sessions, day (12pm PST )and evening (5PM PST), to accommodate everyone and to ensure more private attention per student 🙂 So be sure to specify in the email with your return filled-out ticket attached which slot you prefer!

Tarot Lesson is 80 minutes.


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