Practical Magic is a series of lessons in modern-day witchery beginning with developing foundational psychic ability. Please read more about the Arteagan philosophy and our commitment to Truth, Love, and Integrity for insight into how we use psychism ethically.¬†This is the second Practical Magic Lvl 2 class you should watch after having completed the first of Lvl 2: Extra-Dimensional Energy Creation & Manipulation, and after at least three months of daily practice of Lvl 1’s Psychic Identity & Foundational Practices , Getting Used to Being Out of Body, Cleansing Any Energy in Any Space , and Introduction to Poltergeists & Psychokinesis. In the second lesson in Lvl 2 and after having practiced Lvl 1 techniques you’re ready for a variety of psychokinesis exercises and more in-depth tutelage:

  • Psychokinesis Best Practices
  • Tools, Methods, and more Technique
  • If this class is too hard, apply these practices to smoke

This is one of the two intermediate classes building upon the foundational practices of Practical Magic Lvl 1. In Lvl 2 we now progress forward in energy work through creating, building, and manipulating energy structures and applying this practice towards all that will protect and enrich our magical lives. Lvl 2 is after having achieved a certain level of discipline and self-mastery so make sure you’ve fully integrate Lvl 1 knowledge and have at least three months of daily practice under your belt before attempting any of the energy work in Lvl 2.

You’ll receive your lesson immediately upon purchase, enjoy!

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