Practical Magick is a series of lessons in modern-day witchery beginning with developing foundational psychic ability. Please read more about the Arteagan philosophy and our commitment to Truth, Love, and Integrity for insight into how we use psychism ethically. This is a Practical Magick class you can take at any time and is part of a larger series of Psychic Assists. In this lesson I walk the class through using the following in order to harness, heighten, and use their psychic ability in their every day life:

  • Crystals: How to use cleanse and charge them, use them on your body, in energy grids, and oodles more
  • Candles: How to use them for energy work and psychic pyrokinetic practices
  • Foods: The basics of the vibrational quality of foods and why it matters what we consume
  • Oils: The foundations of using oils for Focus work, healing, and beauty
  • Sounds: Breaking down the benefits of certain sound waves and how to use them in Focus work, anxiety relief, and Manifesting
  • Colors: Why colors are SO important for health, psychic balancing, and chakra work
  • Wands: How to use wands in your Focus work as well as divination & enlightenment work
  • Metals: The foundations of the importance of metal energy work and how it impacts you all day every day as well as how to use these powerful tools on a conscious level.

This is one of the beginner classes in Level 1 that include the tools, techniques, guidance, and knowledge needed for basic energy work. We will also include practical routine energy maintenance that everyone can and should be using in every day life. Priceless go-to solutions for moving toxic and damaging energies through your life are also part of keeping healthy energetically-speaking and are also imparted in the beginner level. 

What you learn here will provide the foundational building blocks for more complex energy work should you be interested in developing your skills further after integration and mastery.

If you purchase after Thursday, April 29th, 2021, you’ll receive your lesson immediately upon purchase, enjoy!

If you purchase before Thursday April 29th, 2021 you will be included in the live-stream of this class and can ask questions in real-time. To be included as well as receive all previous Practical Magic lessons, sign up for the patreon Hierophants and High Priestesses tier here. (You can then toggle down in tiers or cancel your patronage at the end of the month, enjoy love!)

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