This thirty minute analysis (if you want me to spend longer on your reading just add two of these readings to checkout and you’ll get an hour) I tell you all about your psychic ability as illustrated in your astrological natal chart. I’ll need you to fill out the form below for the information I’ll need to complete your reading! Make sure you double-check your birth time from your birth certificate!

You can also include any specific questions about any specific abilities, or let me know areas of concentration to focus in. You have the option of choosing a zoom session that’s live 1:1 or to choose a pre-recorded video to play back. At the beginning of all live zoom sessions I give you the option to choose to record our live zoom for download afterwards.

You’ll need to complete payment to reserve your reading and/or time slot.

Where it says, “Psychic Ability or Experience” in the submission form: you can specify which abilities you’re asking about or, if you’re unsure the “label” of an ability, you can simply relay your experiences and/or phenomena and I’ll know what they are ^_^

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