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Using psychic ability, astrology, and tarot, I answer the questions you provide below. I’m an accurate psychic and have completed over 300+ accurate psychic tarot readings over the past year.

I first began sharing my abilities on my YouTube channel: WatchNatalee where demand for my services quickly grew far beyond what I could handle! It’s so wonderful for me to connect with you, and as I say on my channel, if you feel you’re connecting with me, you are! I’m pleased and honored to open my books again in spiritual service.

Please list your questions in the order of most important to you so we get the most out of our time together! ☺️ Your reading will run anywhere between 45 to over 60 minutes depending on the energy work and messages that want to come through for you.

After you book your reading and submit all requested infos, you’ll receive your reading within 24 hours as a file sent to your provided email address via WeTransfer. If you’d like me to upload your reading to YouTube as an unlisted link, let me know and I’m happy to please.

Please fill out this form below and submit along with payment. By submitting payment you acknowledge and accept these terms below. 

2 thoughts on “Private Psychic Tarot Reading

  1. I listen to you a lot on utube.. sometimes you seem to really be talking to me… I resonate with you more often than not, I find it truly interesting . Honestly I don’t like to listen to what others have to say in tarot as I would get a lot of mixed messages ..so thank you for being so real 😘😘

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