Practical Magic is a series of lessons in modern-day witchery beginning with developing foundational psychic ability. Please read more about the Arteagan philosophy and our commitment to Truth, Love, and Integrity for insight into how we use psychism ethically.¬†This is a Practical Magic Lvl 2 seminar you should (ideally) watch after having completed Lvl 1’s Psychic Identity & Foundational Practices , Getting Used to Being Out of Body, Cleansing Any Energy in Any Space , and Introduction to Poltergeists & Psychokinesis. However, since this is a seminar, anyone can take it at any time and no prior Practical Magic class is required!

In this two-hour Lvl 2 seminar I take us through the beginning of the CIA’s Gateway Program along with my own psychic anecdotes, suggestions, and guidance:

  • Introduction to Monroe Institute
  • The Gateway Program
  • Beginning Wave 1

You’ll receive this full seminar immediately upon purchase, enjoy!

This class was live-streamed. To be included in the next one sign up for the patreon Hierophants and High Priestesses tier here.

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