Practical Magic is a series of lessons in modern-day witchery beginning with developing foundational psychic ability. Please read more about the Arteagan philosophy and our commitment to Truth, Love, and Integrity for insight into how we use psychism ethically. 

  • How to Astral Travel, or Astral Project step by step
  • Getting Back
  • Basic Protections
  • Advanced Protections

In this lesson you’ll learn how to astral travel and consciously have an out of body experience (OBE), step by step. You’ll also receive a two-page pdf handout, The Arteagan Guide to Astral Travel and The Arteagan Guide to Astral Travels, to keep and memorize for your astral adventures.

What you learn here will provide the foundational building blocks for more complex energy work should you be interested in developing your skills further after integration and mastery.

You’ll receive your lesson immediately upon purchase, enjoy!

This class was live-streamed. To be included in the next one sign up for the patreon Hierophants and High Priestesses tier here.

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