One ticket per one person to an upcoming Arteagan Astrology 101 class!

Occurring monthly, these are beginner astrology lessons done live via videoconference to include teacher (moi, Natalee!) and a small group of students. Pre-test your camera, mic, and tech because you’ll be logged on and asking questions in real time. Have your birth charts at the ready (or I will make one for you!) and any pre-written questions along with your pen and paper.

Students will learn about their own natal charts, insights into overcoming personal challenges, how to interpret their own natal charts, the significance of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in the native’s life, interpersonal relationship guidance, and tons more so bring your questions! Please email your birth times, birth places, and birth dates! The next Astrology 101 will take place Thursday, April 16th from 2pm PST to 3pm PST. You will receive details on how to join the webinar (super easy and no setup needed! :)) the week of class.

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