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the reading.

You can request to allow the dominant energies to emerge organically in the reading, ask one to two specific questions, or send me a list questions in order of importance. The more questions you send the less time there is to answer them all, yet more questions will receive answers. One question can use the full 30 minutes, two questions can be divided into two 15 minute spreads, and more than two will use the “popper” or “jumper” method which is a free shuffle until the cards “pop” or “jump” out for interpretation, or any mix of these as guided and time ordered. 

All spreads in all readings include pulling an unlimited amount of clarification and connecting cards from up to seven different decks in addition to the original cards pulled.


All readings are delivered in the order they are received, unless a rush is added.

You can expect an email from WeTransfer with a link to download your video-recorded tarot reading, the file is yours to keep!

waiting for the word.

Please check the tarot page for the current wait time: https://thearteagan.com/tarot/. If it is an emergency or you want priority placement you can purchase a 24 hour rush.

Please refrain from taking a spot in line if you are averse to waiting and do not want to purchase a 24-hour rush.

Thank you for your patience and most of all your trust. Thank you for remembering that I am a real psychic and that my 100% feedback is, “You were so accurate it was worth the wait!”. Thank you for understanding that I want to refrain from increasing prices with a growing waitlist so that everyone has a chance to receive my help and guidance.

By booking a reading with me, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms.

Please fill out this form below and submit along with payment. By submitting payment you acknowledge and accept these terms below. 

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  2. Angelique perez

    I listen to you a lot on utube.. sometimes you seem to really be talking to me… I resonate with you more often than not, I find it truly interesting . Honestly I don’t like to listen to what others have to say in tarot as I would get a lot of mixed messages ..so thank you for being so real 😘😘

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