Weeklies! Pre-shuffles for Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are up on YouTube and the full-length readings are up on Patreon. I’m getting intense downloads about June 24th’s full moon in Capricorn. It’ll be the greatest message I’ve ever channeled. I was so excited I didn’t sleep the night before, so I’ve really been quite high energy! I also did a “Derek” tiktok which I’ve been wanting to do forever, they’re so funny and they look so much fun to do! And yes, I’m doing a project where I test herbals for the best I can recommend to help you lucid dream. So whatever products I do end up talking about will be “psychic-tested”. Do you have any herbals that help you successfully lucid dream? Are there any products you’re not sure about and would like me to test first before you buy? If so, let me know! TheFirstArteagan@gmail.com or comment on this blog post!

Welcome back to “A Psychic Life”! My #vlog of daily instagram stories where I share how to apply all my psychic, tarot, astrology knowledge, and energy work through living example in my spiritual lifestyle. You get to see how I personally balance spirituality and practicality as a full-time professional psychic as well as learn along the way through my guidance. To get updates and learn in real-time, follow me on instagram: WatchNatalee!

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