Happy Tuesday, Querents! 🥳 Tuesday’s are reading days which is when readings go out to my Querents in queue. When I’m done with this batch I’ll open my books back up which looks like August 2021 (hopefully sooner!). I’m planning it loosely as Tuesdays are one of the only days I have to schedule “life stuff” like doctors appointments, etcetera so if something comes up it might make me late for readings. However, today I did have an appointment but scheduled it early so that I got home early and finished all the readings, yay! I love being a private psychic spy but, well; We really are here to learn how to manipulate energy and use energy to benefit us as divine creators and I just want to help people do exactly that. I also recorded Wednesday’s Psychic Tarot Reading so make sure to check it out on YouTube, it’s free!

Welcome back to “A Psychic Life”! My #vlog of daily instagram stories where I share how to apply all my psychic, tarot, astrology knowledge, and energy work through living example in my spiritual lifestyle. You get to see how I personally balance spirituality and practicality as a full-time professional psychic as well as learn along the way through my guidance. To get updates and learn in real-time, follow me on instagram: WatchNatalee!

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