Yeah it’s been crazy, psychically. I feel like I’m in my favorite zombie movie on this 8th house new moon for Cappies. Probably lots of crisis until we adjust to the new level of awareness solving our situations grants us. I’m really excited for something, and am waiting to tell you.

Me talking about the new moon:

Capricorn weekly:

Weird day this Monday August 9th I write this.

Weird energy, but some of it is great if we don’t take it all too seriously and just enjoy the doing of the moment so we always feel the good ride of Life.

Enjoying the balance between being human as a practical necessity and divine as a spiritual necessity.

Conscious or not, the soul incarnated has a burning drive to burn as bright as it can in its own perfection. Remember what I say when I wax poetic about the Tarot: The body is not the enemy of the Spirit but it’s vehicle, the Spirit its driving force.

On two sides of a river howl a domesticated dog and a wild wolf at the same moon. The dog represents sophisticated Man, and the wolf the un-evolved lower nature of primal instinct of Man.

When you develop your intuition, psychic ability, explore your subconscious mind, and take an interest in mastering your Self, you gain the most power over your life and world you’ll ever experience.

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