Psychic messages come through whenever I focus my attention and prep my bodies to receive them. I do this for all 12 signs which constitute the weeklies on patreon and pre-shuffles on youtube. I also do this when I’m hired as a psychic spy. Today’s message for # gemini included an insight that was really freaky! Watch and let me know what you think LOL. I’m still sick from yesterday’s heat hives and felt too nauseous to work until later in the day after going back to sleep for more hours. If you’re a Cancer sun, moon, or ascendant you will also be extra sensitive at every months new and full moons. I’ll be live streaming for the new moon Friday the 9th, I’m excited! Join us! I include some great herbal deets for you too in the vlog. But check the instagram for the full caption. Oodles! ✨ 💕

Welcome back to “A Psychic Life”! My #vlog of daily instagram stories where I share how to apply all my psychic, tarot, astrology knowledge, and energy work through living example in my spiritual lifestyle. You get to see how I personally balance spirituality and practicality as a full-time professional psychic as well as learn along the way through my guidance. To get updates and learn in real-time, follow me on instagram: WatchNatalee! For free Gateway documents and tapes, they’re here. To learn tarot, astrology, and psychic ability yourself, all my classes are listed here. To check out current offerings in the shop, that’s here.

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