Arteagan in Training (AIT)

what is the arteagan?

The Arteagan

do i have the same goals as The Arteagan?

A large part of being an Arteagan is cultivating your own personal Ikigai, the Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. This is the meaning-based element of our social club and our endeavors. Through joining our community and partaking in our club activities, speaking the pledge, and committing to saving the world, your vibration will further align to achieve this meaning-based balance of existence.

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                   what is arteagan in training?

Arteagan in Training has evolved into a specialized program for psychics, geniuses, and exalted artists.

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Discipline is honoring a commitment you made long after the desire to honor it has left you. This club is only for those who have reached the requisite state of self-mastery and bravery required to be effective in Saving the World.

If you believe you are eligible and ready to learn, practice, and achieve, I invite you to register for the Arteagan in Training cycle set to begin February 14th, 2019 below:

*NOTICE* Feb. 14th Cycle has been put on pause and an email sent to AIT’s February 28th. Application below will begin when the free training program resumes and beginning with Week One.

Eligibility Requirement: Must be psychic.

Entrance Exam: Must video-record a 10-minute personal reading for The First Arteagan, Natalee, for consideration of acceptance to the program.

Please use your tools and rituals such as tarot/crystal ball/coffee pouring/runes/etc. for the reading and please use definitive unambiguous language.

Accuracy = Acceptance to this program. 

Arteagan Logo

The Arteagan Pledge of Allegiance

I choose to live in Truth and with Integrity.

I choose to release any and all forms of negativity holding me back.

I choose to do my part in manifesting and protecting genius, creativity, truth, and love here on Earth.

I choose to be protected from all forms of harm while doing my spiritual work.

This is what I choose. Thank you and So Be It.

This is what I choose. Thank you and So Be It.

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