I’m working on a *secret* project, and so I had to leave the Occultist’s Tower. Being a sensitive-skinned Spiritualist, I did indeed come down with heat hives after I returned! I still managed to get work done, thankfully before I left (see below our Wednesday’s Psychic Tarot Reading!) I also give some great quick insights into these last few days before our glorious New Moon in Cancer Friday the 9th. My favorite update is that I’m building a lovely pdf take-away handy guide for Thursday’s Practical Magic class! I’m excited! 😊

Welcome back to “A Psychic Life”! My #vlog of daily instagram stories where I share how to apply all my psychic, tarot, astrology knowledge, and energy work through living example in my spiritual lifestyle. You get to see how I personally balance spirituality and practicality as a full-time professional psychic as well as learn along the way through my guidance. To get updates and learn in real-time, follow me on instagram: WatchNatalee! For free Gateway documents and tapes, they’re here. To learn tarot, astrology, and psychic ability yourself, all my classes are listed here. To check out current offerings in the shop, that’s here.

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