I’m Natalee Arteaga, the astrology-obsessed psychic tarot reader who runs this website as well as the Patreon of the same namesake.

Practical Magic Lvl 1: Intro to Poltergeists & Psychokinesis is now available for purchase below! You’ll immediately receive it upon purchase. Enjoy!

You are whole-heartedly welcome in my virtual homes, which I’ve created as a safe place for us haunted kids and soul searchers. The spiritually talented psychics, intuits, empaths, astrologers, tarot readers, esoteric students, and the paranormally curious. This site, YouTube channel, and Patreon comprise a sanctuary habitat for those of us seeking and/or maintaining the vibration of Truth, Love, and Integrity as the foundations for our Art of Living.

I offer my psychism, tarot, and astrological abilities to triangulate a path forward as tools for you to use to achieve the goal balancing spirituality and practicality.

Through esoteric classes, workshops, weekly + monthly readings, and 1:1 psychic/paranormal/spiritual mentoring via Patreon and the free readings available on the YouTube channel do I endeavor to serve your needs in maintaining that balance once achieved 🌟

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As of September 6th, 2020, my books are open again for you to purchase a private psychic tarot reading. It’s my honor to be of spiritual service in times of great need, many blessings on your head, love.

Lastly, feel free to join Patreon and toggle up and down between the tiers month to month as you are guided and as you need. I offer what I offer as a service to your spiritual growth which will absolutely fluctuate in different energies with different needs at different times which I respect and support. Please never feel pressured or weird for coming on or dropping off, I’m just grateful I can be of service to you at any point on your path.

Naturally, Natalee ♥️

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A cornerstone benefit of an Arteagan-influenced Art of Living is enjoying the balance between spirituality and practicality.

Utilizing psychism, tarot, and astrology along with strategic logical mechanisms and realistic thinking is made both easy to understand and fun in the classes, private lessons, private readings, and on the YouTube channel.

For a peek behind-the-scenes of my life as a psychic living Arteagan as a lifestyle, please visit my blog, “A Psychic Life”.

The Arteagan teaches the energy work of practical magic to use in every day life and to manifest growth potential using the vibrations of Truth, Love, and Integrity. Thank you so much for your positive vibrational support.

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Sending you all the best photons for your journey, many blessings upon your head 🌟